Jingjiang of Jiangsu Yongxin Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd
Pre-sale services rainy day

Before purchasing products for you to provide the most detailed products, performance and other information. And in accordance with the actual needs of your offer you the greatest possible choice and opportunity.

Technical support and win away

We offer you a wide range of information services. In addition to telephone counseling, we have created the Internet and related products you purchase the specialized web pages, providing the latest information on the day-to-day operation and maintenance.

Installation reliable operation

You need from us by the professional and technical personnel at the scene for your guidance debugging, installation, in order to ensure your safety. To enable you to a more comprehensive use of the products, we provide you with timely special training of personnel services.

Maintenance of security worries

Telephone polling - we will regularly communicate with you, understanding the functioning of the equipment, in order to detect problems in a timely fashion to solve the problem.
Onsite inspection - we will be regular visits inspection services for your equipment to do maintenance, support equipment performing at its best.

















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