Jingjiang of Jiangsu Yongxin Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd
         Jiangsu Yongxin Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is the national high-tech enterprises, metallurgical industrial parts supply service center members, China Petroleum and equipment resources to members of the China National Petroleum Corporation a supply network member units, the China Chemical Equipment Spare parts of the members of the company, the National Electric Power Corporation power station parts supply network member units, Jiangsu Province, Spark technology-intensive areas of key enterprises.
Jingjiang, Jiangsu Yongxin Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of major products with the world's advanced level of high pressure centrifugal casting temperature Ni-Cr alloy, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant alloy tube products, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, alloy steel, wear-resistant and wear-resistant alloy steel corrosion, furnace tubes, high temperature Centrifugal Casting Pipe castings, Centrifugal Casting Pipe (casting thickness: 5 mm to 300mm diameter: 50 mm to 1600mm, single-tube products such as super-6 m diameter cast pipe products Size), as well as series of static castings, precision castings: Main products are Centrifugal Casting Pipe, furnace tubes, high temperature alloy tube, radiation tube, the reaction tubes, cracking tubes, into tubes, heat-conversion furnace, heat treatment furnace radiation-radiation control of thermal radiation, heat pipe, the loser of the ash, the reaction of various furnace roll, furnaces roller, the bottom roller, often of the bottom roller, the bottom roller, the heater roller conveyor roller, roller sank, stability Roll, roll three six-arm, hot dip galvanized bushings wear resistance, thermal tension roller, roller bearing, CSP furnace roll, roll band bottom, water roll, conductive roller furnace cans, glass roller, various types of rare earth series heat steel castings, wear-resistant steel castings, stainless steel castings, heat treatment furnace industrial spare parts, heat-resistant steel plate casting slabs care, feed pan, expected basket, rack, trays, drawbars, column, rack, heat-resistant slider, chain Festival, hanger, spreader, the management board of the furnace grate, step-by-step walking beam furnace fixed beam, the middle beam, column, heat walking beam castings, Ogive boiler, boiler spare parts, boiler combustion, nozzle, multi-functional burner, boiler stable combustion Central, Hot Plug perforation, plates, guide, guided roller guide assembly, roller ring, various heat wearable elbow angle, the three links, Stone bends first with reducers, variable tube and pipe fittings, high-frequency finned tube, finned tube heat exchangers, chemical convection, the one, two, three types of pressure vessels, heat exchanger, industrial furnace complete sets of equipment, steel Roller conveyor line cooling bed output roller heat treatment line, Gechongfeibiao welding pieces of steel structures, water treatment equipment, chemical pump, stainless steel pumps, pump alloy fluoride, fluorine plastic alloy pump, valve, pipe, steel liner plastic composite pipe, etc..
         Company covers an area of 260,000 square meters and a building area of nearly 12 million square meters of the total assets of nearly 100 million, with production testing equipment 350 pieces (sets), automated assembly, the products are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, machinery , electric power, industrial furnace heat treatment, construction materials, light industry, automobile industry and the nuclear industry, and other professional services companies, domestic and international market share continued to grow year after year, is China's largest manufacturer of centrifugal casting one of the country's largest 500 industrial machinery one of the enterprises. Now Yongxin Metallurgical Equipment Corporation rely on the company's overall comprehensive strength, can fully meet their customer requirements and the potential use of the requirements of high-performance products.
         Company warranty system is sound and has achieved ISO9001-2000 international quality assurance certification to ensure that every product in each of the processes of "zero defect" production. Companies adhering to the "quality, service, innovation," business philosophy to quality products for the carrier to achieve "do everything we can serve the community" purposes.

















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